The Radiant Rebound Infiniti LTD Release

Xcel Design Director Lance Varon Speaks on the RADIANT REBOUND Infiniti LTD Release.

Xcel has released a brand new wetsuit and technology.

The wetsuit has three exclusive features but the key ingredient is their new “Radiant Rebound” liner, which reflects internal heat production and distributes it throughout your fullsuit, keeping your body in a constant state of warmth.

How exactly does the new technology featured in the Infiniti LTD work?

Radiant Rebound offers warmth through our latest Metallic Technology. This new technology works by blocking out cold, while rebounding your body heat to keep you warmer than traditional liners.

It also offers our new Channel Flex Exterior in the upper body which reduces weight, repels water and offers amazing stretch. This new material offers maximum range of motion while shedding water and reducing weight.

How is Radiant Rebound different from the other liners that are already out there?

The current liners create heat when they are met with moisture – whereas Radiant Rebound traps all the cold and rebounds all the heat throughout your fullsuit. It’s like what would happen if you wrapped your body in aluminum foil: Your heat would be gathered and reflected back to your body without it being lost, much like a NASA space suit. You need it to be light, comfortable and warm.

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